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hina-zuri asked
May I have a Nsfw Renji Abarai?


((Sorry this took way longer than I have planned since admin z was supposed to do it, i also did head-canons i hope you don’t mind ;w;))

Renji Abarai: 

Renji loves to do the do in places where him and his s/o will most likely get caught, the adrenaline of knowing someone will find them gets him turn on and also hearing his partner try to hold back their moans and saying “what if someone sees us” drives him insane.

•Renji is a gentle and sensual lover, taking his s/o needs before his owns, but he loves when his partner is a tad rough, or beg him to be rougher on them.

•One of his favorite position is reverse cow girl so he can see his s/o ass bounce for them and he can also grab and rub it.

•Loves to give oral so that he knows that he can make his s/o climax and having their hands digging into his scalp, isn’t to keen  on receiving oral, since he would be red from seeing his partner lust fill eyes, but if his s/o really wants to do it he probably let them


「Bleach - Chapter 197 ☻ The Approaching Danger」


「Bleach - Chapter 197 ☻ The Approaching Danger


le random Bleach *whatever-this-card-collection-is-called* appreciation post \/